Asanga Wijeratne

I’m a corporate executive, and I have more than ten years of experience in the corporate sector, working for reputed companies in Sri Lanka. Apart from my regular job, I’m a freelance writer, and I love to be involved in discussions and interact with people worldwide.

I always admire the balance of life and work a lot, and I care a lot about the problems of my colleagues and subordinates in my personal or job base. When they have got a problem, I have witnessed a similar problem, or I have heard somewhere else that I can give good advice or a solution to a person who is in need.

sleeping” is something my friends love to have but can’t get for many reasons. The people who talked with me tell me why they can’t have good quality sleep, and most of the issues are connected with the job at the end. I have experienced my self poor sleep which I felt exhausted in the morning on the next day. Also, whenever I’m having a good sleep, I feel energized and my body and mind fully optimized. Therefore, I believe any excellent professional needs or have a good sleep every day to succeed the next day. Therefore, whenever I’m having a poor sleep, I surf the internet to identify the reasons for my sleep disorders. I also used my own experience to overcome my wakefulness. I’m so successful in this phenomenon, and I’m so enthusiastic about sharing my experience and knowledge with other people who have the same problem. There are unique reasons for that. Any person can have good quality sleep whatever their job position or job pressure is if they know their sleep problems. The only thing these people do not know how to overcome the situation. However, there are unique reasons behind each person’s wakefulness that needs to be carefully and professionally handled. Nevertheless, that professional needs to have good experience with any sleep disorders resulting from the job.

I have started this blog to open up a forum to share myself and others with all persons who enjoy good quality sleep and willing to have it.

I appreciate it a lot if you could give me your honest feedback to improve my future writing.

All the best and enjoy reading…………!